PipeOrder.com Customer Access Request


Your ADS order information can now be at your fingertips through the Customer Self-Service tools on PipeOrder.com.


At ADS, we strive to continually improve the customer experience. PipeOrder.com gives you the ability to share and leverage knowledge and helps you achieve greater efficiency in a cost-effective manner.

  • Get information quickly and securely anytime.
  • Your information is limited to authorized users.
  • Have immediate access to your order/shipment/backorder/invoice information and view order/shipment/backorder details for any order.
  • Print a copy of an invoice immediately.
  • Bill of Lading available to view or print 48 hours after shipping.
  • Keep updated on orders/products not yet shipped.
  • View history information on your orders/shipments/backorders/invoices.

Accessing PipeOrder.com:

  • To access your PipeOrder account, Click Here.
  • For more information about PipeOrder, please contact your customer service representative at 1-800-821-6710.
  • To sign up for PipeOrder.com, Click Here to review the Terms & Conditions and complete the enrollment form.