Potable Water Service & Irrigation

ADS PolyFlex pipe and tubing for potable water service and irrigation applications. ADS offers three ADSPolyFlex™ Pipe products; Utility IPS, Potable Water IPS pipe, and Potable Water CTS tubing. All ADS PolyFlex pipes all are light weight and chemically resistant.

  • ADS Utility Grade Pressure Pipe (IPS) is one of the leaders in today's agricultural and landscape irrigation markets. It is ideal for a variety of applications including agricultural, residential, commercial, landscape irrigation systems and slurry pipelines.
  • ADS Potable Grade Pressure Pipe (IPS) is certified to meet NDF 14/61 standard, making it ideal for water service and landscape irrigation markets.
  • ADS Potable water service tubing (CTS) provides durability and chemical resistance. It meets ASTM D3350 requirements and is certified to meet the NSF 14/61 standard.