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Residential customers use ADS single wall corrugated polyethylene pipe or N-12® pipe and fittings in a myriad applications. These solutions are frequently used as foundation drains to help keep basements dry; as outlet drains from downspouts and basement window wells; for drainage of low spots in the yard; as driveway or sidewalk underdrains, and culverts to prevent pavement damage due to unstable bedding or frost heaving.

For commercial buildings including office structures, schools, hospitals, retail outlets and restaurants, our single wall or N-12 small diameter pipe and fittings form a complete drainage system from the top of the building to the storm sewers. Made from high density polyethylene (HDPE), our pipe offers significant benefits over PVC pipe such as: better impact strength during shipping and handling, no edge beveling, no special adapters, and better chemical and abrasion resistance.

Applications Within This Market:

  • Foundation Drains
    To prevent water from entering and ruining the foundation, install ADS perforated pipe in a gravel envelope around the entire house.

  • Basement Drainage
    Perforated pipe can be installed in new or retrofit construction to prevent wet basements

  • Driveway Culverts
    ADS non-perforated pipe is strong enough to withstand traffic and can be easily and affordably be installed under residential driveways.

  • Roof Drains
    With ADS pipe's durability and ease of installation, it's a great for carrying rainwater away from buildings.

  • Irrigation
    ADS Pressure Pipes are flexible and durable, making them ideal for a variety of applications.

Home & Retail