Curb Inlet Protection

Curb inlets present a large problem set with regards to erosion control or stormwater quality. Commonly located in high traffic areas, their large openings allow large quantities of dirt, trash and pollution to enter the stormwater system. Inlet filtration is a viable solution to control sediment for drains, stormwater systems and dewatering projects. Filtration helps remove suspended solids, unwanted sediment, debris, oils, and pollutants from incoming water. Curb inlet filtration and protection services can be beneficial in many applications, including car washes, gas stations, loading ramps, parking lots, dock drains and more.Flexstorm inlet filters offer multiple products to help combat this source of stormwater pollution. During construction, the Catch-It® inlet filter can sit underneath the grate, covering the curb opening with a textile flap. Once construction is complete, a Wall Mounted filter can sit beneath the curb line to capture sediment and debris. If full trash capture is required, then a Connector Pipe Screen (CPS) can be installed in the catch basin to retain trash in the catch basin.