Downspout Infiltration

ADS downspout infiltration products provide a multitude of benefits to residential and commercial operations. Rainwater collection starts at the roof, with runoff being funneled from roof to ground from a N-12® Pipe. Through use of a pipe service connection like INSERTA TEE®, water is securely funneled from pipe to a subsurface stormwater management system. Our StormTech® products are the ideal retention detention system alternative. In addition to flood prevention, downspout infiltration products act as a rainwater storage for large volumes of water and lessens the impact on city storm sewer systems. Collected water can be used at a later date or irrigation. Useful and easy to install ADS leads in downspout infiltration solutions.


The optimal underground retention system for storm water runoff. StormTech® products allow for storm water to be securely stored for future irrigation or disposal, efficiently providing flood prevention and preventing runoff from entering into city storm sewer systems.

N-12 Pipe®

The ideal corrugated polyethylene drainage pipe. The pipe provides superior corrosion and abrasion resistance that makes it ideal for storm water drainage applications.


A connection system that joins your downspout pipe to the designated retention system. The INSERTA TEE is the ideal three part system that requires no special tooling to connect your pipe to your storm water retention and infiltration system.



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A1.02 HDPE SW Pipe Perforation Patterns Oct2018 Roof_Drain_45_Deg_Wye_Cleanout_(Product_Detail_1001_04-16)-Model Roof_Drain_45_Deg_Wye_Cleanout_and_Fitting_(Product_Detail_1003_04-16)-Model Roof_Drain_Tee_Cleanout_(Product_Detail_1002_04-16)-Model StormTech SC-310, SC-740, and DC-780 Design Manual StormTech MC-3500 and MC-4500 Design Manual 07-19 StormTech Vent Option StormTech PVC Inspection Port Option StormTech Underdrain Detail StormTech Inserta Tee Side Inlet Detail StormTech MC-Series End Cap Insertion SC-160 Cross Section SC-160 Isolator Row™ Profile SC-160LP 4" Inspection Port Detail SC-160LP 6" Inspection Port Detail SC-160 Technical Specifications SC-160_Full_Detail_Sheet_08-18 SC-160_Full_Detail_Sheet_with_Notes_08-18 SC-310 Cross Section SC-310 Isolator Row™ Profile SC-310 4" Inspection Port Detail SC-310 6" Inspection Port Detail SC-310 10" Inspection Port Detail SC-310 Technical Specifications SC-310_Full_Detail_Sheet_08-18 SC-310_Full_Detail_Sheet_with_Notes_08-18 SC-740 Cross Section SC-740 Isolator Row™ Profile SC-740 4" Inspection Port Detail SC-740 6" Inspection Port Detail SC-740 10" Inspection Port Detail SC-740 Technical Specifications SC-740_Full_Detail_Sheet_08-18 SC-740_Full_Detail_Sheet_with_Notes_08-18 DC-780 Cross Section DC-780 Isolator Row™ Profile DC-780 4" Inspection Port Detail DC-780 6" Inspection Port Detail DC-780 10" Inspection Port Detail DC-780 Technical Specifications DC-780_Full_Detail_Sheet_08-18 DC-780_Full_Detail_Sheet_with_Notes_08-18 MC-3500 Cross Section MC-3500 Isolator Row™ Profile MC-3500 4" Inspection Port Detail MC-3500 6" Inspection Port Detail MC-3500 10" Inspection Port Detail MC-3500 Technical Specifications MC-3500_Full_Detail_Sheet_08-18 MC-3500_Full_Detail_Sheet_with_Notes_08-18 MC-4500 Cross Section MC-4500 Isolator Row™ Profile MC-4500 4" Inspection Port Detail MC-4500 6" Inspection Port Detail MC-4500 10" Inspection Port Detail MC-4500 Technical Specifications MC-4500_Full_Detail_Sheet_08-18 MC-4500_Full_Detail_Sheet_with_Notes_08-18

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