Improving the infiltration capabilities of ground surfaces can often be achieved with the use of basins and piping that temporarily hold storm water runoff until the surrounding ground is capable of taking on the storm water infiltration. ADS products specially designed to facilitate infiltration include:

  • StormTech® chambers are engineered to meet the demands of subsurface storm water management applications. StormTech® chambers provide optimal underground retention, infiltration and detention solutions for stormwater runoff.
  • The LandMax® storm water pipe system is an ideal solution for efficient and effective subsurface storm water retention. The system incorporates MEGA GREEN™ HDPE pipe, which is constructed with a minimum recycled content of 40 percent, and ADS N-12® pipe.


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Storm_Water_Detention_Infiltration_Tech_Note_2.120_(10-12) StormTech SC-310, SC-740, and DC-780 Design Manual StormTech MC-3500 and MC-4500 Design Manual 07-19 StormTech Vent Option StormTech PVC Inspection Port Option StormTech Underdrain Detail StormTech Inserta Tee Side Inlet Detail StormTech MC-Series End Cap Insertion SC-160 Cross Section SC-160 Isolator Row™ Profile SC-160LP 4" Inspection Port Detail SC-160LP 6" Inspection Port Detail SC-160 Technical Specifications SC-160_Full_Detail_Sheet_08-18 SC-160_Full_Detail_Sheet_with_Notes_08-18 SC-310 Cross Section SC-310 Isolator Row™ Profile SC-310 4" Inspection Port Detail SC-310 6" Inspection Port Detail SC-310 10" Inspection Port Detail SC-310 Technical Specifications SC-310_Full_Detail_Sheet_08-18 SC-310_Full_Detail_Sheet_with_Notes_08-18 SC-740 Cross Section SC-740 Isolator Row™ Profile SC-740 4" Inspection Port Detail SC-740 6" Inspection Port Detail SC-740 10" Inspection Port Detail SC-740 Technical Specifications SC-740_Full_Detail_Sheet_08-18 SC-740_Full_Detail_Sheet_with_Notes_08-18 DC-780 Cross Section DC-780 Isolator Row™ Profile DC-780 4" Inspection Port Detail DC-780 6" Inspection Port Detail DC-780 10" Inspection Port Detail DC-780 Technical Specifications DC-780_Full_Detail_Sheet_08-18 DC-780_Full_Detail_Sheet_with_Notes_08-18 MC-3500 Cross Section MC-3500 Isolator Row™ Profile MC-3500 4" Inspection Port Detail MC-3500 6" Inspection Port Detail MC-3500 10" Inspection Port Detail MC-3500 Technical Specifications MC-3500_Full_Detail_Sheet_08-18 MC-3500_Full_Detail_Sheet_with_Notes_08-18 MC-4500 Cross Section MC-4500 Isolator Row™ Profile MC-4500 4" Inspection Port Detail MC-4500 6" Inspection Port Detail MC-4500 10" Inspection Port Detail MC-4500 Technical Specifications MC-4500_Full_Detail_Sheet_08-18 MC-4500_Full_Detail_Sheet_with_Notes_08-18

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