Inlet Structures

Impermeable, paved surfaces create storm water run off management challenges, and increasingly require surface inlet structures for mitigation. Strong, dependable and economical, ADS provides various drainage inlet structures to meet the specifier's needs while considering easy installation for the contractor. Constructed from engineered plastics, these drainage structures provide a superior corrosion and abrasion-resistant alternative to cumbersome concrete boxes or metal structures. ADS inlet structures are ideal for:

  • Retail, commercial and industrial surface parking lots where Incorporating engineered pipe, catch basins, and curb inlets will keep lots well drained and prolong the service life of the paved structure.
  • Airport facilities where the rapid removal of storm water is critical to ensure the integrity of the sub-base.
  • Surface drainage applications requiring inlet structures strong enough to handle H20 and E80 loads.
  • Residential subdivision applications where storm water runoff volume and lack of surface permeation are challenges.