Geosynthetics are found on almost every job site. Whether it’s for heavy construction, major civil engineering projects or a home septic system, ADS has a comprehensive line of geosynthetics for any civil or environmental engineering application. 

The woven and nonwoven geotextiles available through ADS represent the highest quality of geotextiles in the industry today and can be found at ADS sales and service locations throughout the country. With a full line of drainage solutions and geosynthetics that are delivered on the same trailer directly to your job site, ADS offers its customers unparalleled availability, service and support. 

Applications & Benefits


As an integral part of every job site, geosynthetics can serve a very wide variety of functions. They are now considered essential as cost-efficient solutions for a variety of needs including separation, filtration, drainage, reinforcement, confinement and erosion protection. The increased need for geosynthetics has been stimulated by increased government regulations to prevent surface erosion, road deterioration, improper drainage and contamination.  

The ADS line of products includes woven and needle-punched nonwoven fabrics, geogrids and erosion control products. Woven and nonwoven geotextiles are typically used for soil stabilization and reinforcement, erosion control, separation, filtration and drainage. ADS geogrids are sheets of extruded polypropylene that reinforce weak soils under roadways and embankments and are often used in conjunction with a woven or non-woven fabric. Erosion products, such as silt fences and erosion control blankets, control runoff and provide erosion protection on job sites, in channels, and on slopes. 


ADS offers one-stop-shop convenience for all of your geosynthetics and water management solution needs that arrive at your job site in the same delivery. Geosynthetics provide huge cost savings by reducing the need for backfill and the number of hours required to complete a job. All of our geosynthetics are strong, durable, environmentally compatible, and are virtually unaffected by ground conditions and weather. Geosynthetics offer low-cost and convenience for any application while increasing the longevity of your project.

We offer a wide variety of roll widths, lengths, and material options for geotextiles to further lower your cost and reduce waste. At a minimum, we offer geosynthetic products that are NTPEP approved and meet the following specifications:

  • AASHTO M288
  • AREMA/Ch. 1, Part 10
  • EPA/GRI Report No. 15