Introducing PolyFlex™ CenterPull Packaging - Designed to make your life easier

We know you’re busy and business can have its challenges.  We get it!  That is why ADS has created Center Pull Packaging for our PolyFlex Pipe.  Designed to make your life easier and save you time and money, our ½”, ¾”, and 1” tubing (CTS and IPS) all utilize the CenterPull packaging process.

Our PolyFlex tubing is dispensed from the center of the coil, while the outer shrink wrap protects the remaining, unused pipe.  Simply pull the length needed, cut the pipe, and insert the end of the pipe into the ID of the coil.

Some of the many benefits include:

Improved silo integrity – Tubing is dispensed from the center. Shrink wrap protects the rest of the pipe.

No banding to cut –Dispense the pipe from the ID of the coil.

Reduced surface damage- Shrink wrap provides protection for the exterior of the pipe.

Reduced field scrap- Shrink wrap provides convenient storage for unused pipe.

UV Protection- Outer stretch wrap (white for CTS, black for IPS) shields pipe from the sun, ensuring the product is protected from the sun’s rays.

How to Use our CenterPull Packaging

  • Inspect outer stretch wrap for any tears that may indicate pipe damage
  • Carefully cut the stretch wrap, starting at the top of the silo, being careful to not cut the clear wrap around the individual coils
  • Cut only enough of the outer stretch wrap to expose the number of coils needed
  • Remove coils and fold loose stretch wrap over remaining coils on pallet

When Working with Individual Coils

  • NEVER remove clear outer wrap around a coil as it maintains the coils shape and integrity
  • Remove PolyFlex pipe by pulling from the ID of coil, leaving clear outer wrap in place
  • Once desired length is removed from coil, cut pipe, and insert the end of pipe into the ID of the coil, tucking it into the clear outer wrap for later use


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