AdvanEDGE® Highway Edge Drain Pipe

Designed to provide higher flow and increased structural strength

AdvanEDGE is the only panel pipe that consistently lives up to the promise of quick response drainage performance, long-term durability and affordable installed cost. Other popular uses include building foundation drainage, golf courses, athletic fields, airport runways, railroad truck ballast, and perimeter "curtain" drainage for landfills and leaching fields. AdvanEDGE HDPE pipe is offered in 12" (30.5 cm) and 18" (46 cm) heights and in coils up to 400 ft. (122 m) Designed with a difference, AdvanEDGE pipe does not rely on the geotextile for structural support. Instead, its strength is derived from a corrugated cylinder maintained by pillars located strategically throughout the core. The result is a series of oval-shaped sections with all-direction strength. This completely enclosed waterway with fewer projections allows AdvanEDGE to function as a pipe, discharging more water to the outlet. Competitive panel-shaped products depend on the tensile modulus of a geotextile wrap to maintain an open flow channel. When this low-modulus fabric collapses, the waterway is obstructed, reducing its hydraulic efficiency.

Stronger material

HDPE has an unbeatable combination of mechanical and chemical properties for drainage pipe applications. Many competitive geocomposite cores are made from less desirable materials, such as low density PE or styrene.

Economical installation

The slim-line profile of AdvanEDGE HDPE pipe allows for installation in a narrow trench, easily dug with high-speed trenching equipment. Combined with the geotextile wrap, it requires no gravel or select backfill, and can be installed directly against a wall or structural member. The innovative coupling system provides secure connections that can withstand installation stress.

Highway installation was the initial application for geo-composite pipe and today remains a primary market. State transportation authorities have conducted a growing number of field studies, all of which indicate that properly designed and installed edge drains are a major factor in extending pavement life and reducing maintenance costs.

AdvanEDGE pipe's collection and removal of water is equally appropriate for airports, parking lots, and virtually any paved area.

  • Invert design permits significantly higher flow velocity at lower head
  • Structural superiority confirmed by state field performance tests of edge drains
  • Higher flow capacity compared to various geocomposites
  • Slim-line design allows for narrow trench installation, easily cut in with high-speed trenching equipment
  • Long-term durability of HDPE

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Product Information

AdvanEDGE HWY Edge Drain pipe offers quick drainage response for time-critical applications such as high-traffic roads and track beds.

AdvanEDGE Geotextile Wrap

Fabric Properties Grab Tensile Strength (lbs.) (weakest principle direction) Grab Elongation (%) (Weakest principle direction) Trapezoidal Tear (lbs.) (weakest principle direction) Puncture (lbs.) Permittivity AOS (U.S. Sieve Size) U.V. Resistance
Test Method ASTM D4632 ASTM D4633 ASTM D4533 ASTM D3786 ASTM D4491 ASTM D4751 ASTM D4355
Minimum Average Roll Values 120 60 40 30 0.7 60 70


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AdvanEDGE Pipe Specification 04-19
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AdvanEDGE Pipe Specification 04-19
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Chemical_Resistance_PE-Elastomers_(Tech_Note_A4.01, 10-09)



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