AdvanEDGE® Site Drain Pipe

Underneath it all, proper drainage is the most productive investment for the long-term health and playability of recreational surfaces.

Cities, schools and even professional sports teams are finding AdvanEDGE to be highly effective in keeping playing fields suitable for all activities.

AdvanEDGE is available in 12" (305 mm) & 18" (460 mm) panel widths and it's slim-line design permits rapid installation in narrow trenches with minimal turf disturbance making it a viable solution for retrofit drainage on existing turf areas, as well as golf courses and sports fields.

Our goal is to provide you the piping solutions you need for any job. College and professional football stadiums are also installing the pipe horizontally and directly on the subgrade below the root zone or synthetic turf aggregate base. This orientation accelerates water collection from heavy rainfalls, and is often augmented by pumping systems to speed water removal. Golf courses are also laying AdvanEDGE flat on the subgrade below the gravel and sand layers of new putting greens. This dramatically cuts labor costs because no trenches are necessary for installation. Unlike other geocomposite panel drains, AdvanEDGE does not rely on a geotextile fabric for structural integrity so it can be used with or without a fabric wrap.

  • Healthier grass and sod - Good drainage promotes deeper root growth and the “knitting” effect of the roots, which stabilizes your playing surface and lessens the tearing of the turf.
  • More effective use of soil nutrients - A well drained field will improve the uptake of nitrogen, potassium and magnesium.
  • Reduced risk of disease - Turf that does not continuously sit in damp soils will be more resistant to fungus and disease.
  • Maximum playability - Fewer games and events will be cancelled or extensively delayed due to heavy rain. A well drained golf course allows golfers to resume play faster, with less damage to the course.
  • Reduced compaction - Drainage lessens the surface deformation caused by heavy traffic and soil compaction.

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Product Information

AdvanEDGE Site Drain pipe provides excellent drainage performance at a low cost and easy install rate. The panel pipe’s large surface area results in a water removal rate almost twice that of 4” round pipe. And because there are no trenches to dig, no gravel to buy or install, and no trench spoils to dispose of, green construction costs can be significantly reduced.

AdvanEDGE Geotextile Wrap

Fabric Properties Test Method Minimum Average Roll Values
Grab Tensile Strength (lbs.) (weakest principle direction) ASTM D4632 120
Grab Elongation (%) (Weakest principle direction) ASTM D4633 60
Trapezoidal Tear (lbs.) (weakest principle direction) ASTM D4533 40
Puncture (lbs.) ASTM D3786 30
Permittivity ASTM D4491 0.7
AOS (U.S. Sieve Size) ASTM D4751 60
U.V. Resistance ASTM D4355 70


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AdvanEDGE Pipe Specification 04-19
Chemical_Resistance_PE-Elastomers_(Tech_Note_A4.01, 10-09)

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AdvanEDGE Pipe Specification 04-19
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Chemical_Resistance_PE-Elastomers_(Tech_Note_A4.01, 10-09)



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