Bend-A-Drain Expandable Pipe

Expandable Downspout Adapters

With the Bend-A-Drain expandable pipe, you can expand the pipe lengthwise and make unlimited angular adjustments, which will lock and remain in place once positioned. Bend-A-Drain can be installed quickly and efficiently with less cuts and fewer fittings.

Features & Benefits:

  • A bendable, expandable drain pipe system that is easy to use and makes drainage projects simple
  • Available in 12' and 25' (3.7m and 7.62m) lengths
  • 100% compatible with ADS 4" (10.16cm) corrugated pipe and fittings
  • Bendable and expandable to avoid obstacles in landscape and yard
  • Structurally sound above ground or in buried conditions
  • Compacted packaging for ease of storage and transportation to job site

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Product Information

The Expandable Downspout Adapter is adjustable, so it can be angled around landscaping or easily bent and moved for mowing. It can be used for downspout drainage (above ground and below ground application), low spot drainage and french drain.

Bend-A-Drain Expandable Pipe

Diameters Available 8½" (215 mm) compressed length expands to 16" long when extended
Lengths Available Bends to a 90° angle
Joint Performance Can be used on new construction or a retro fit
Joining System Available in 2" × 3" (50 mm × 75 mm) or 3" × 4" (75 mm × 100 mm)
Specifications Fits 3" (75 mm) and 4" (100 mm) corrugated ADS HDPE pipe, ADS 3000 TripleWall®pipe, 27/29 S&D pipe, SDR 35 and SCH 40 pipe


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Chemical_Resistance_PE-Elastomers_(Tech_Note_A4.01, 10-09)
A1.02 HDPE SW Pipe Perforation Patterns Oct2018

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A1.02 HDPE SW Pipe Perforation Patterns Oct2018

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Chemical_Resistance_PE-Elastomers_(Tech_Note_A4.01, 10-09)


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