Specialty Fittings

ADS has been an industry and water management solutions leader for more than 50 years. Our innovative line of pipes, basins, specialty fittings and other solutions are used across a broad range of end markets and applications. With the largest range of specialty fitting sizes in the industry, our customers have access to durable, affordable and easily installed options for their next project. 

Applications & Benefits


Specialty pipe fittings serve a variety of purposes, including diverting, combining or regulating the flow through a pipe while providing leak-proof connections. Fittings are used in almost every application or job site. Service connections like Inserta Tee® eliminate the need for additional excavation around the pipe.  They provide a fast and efficient way to make a water-tight pipe connection to any pipe or structure. Nyloplast PVC Fittings also provide water-tight connections that meet the requirements of both storm and sanitary sewer applications. They are lightweight, easy to install, and are compatible with almost every pipe type and diameter up to 30 inches. Pipe screens and outlet guards prevent pipes from getting plugged with soil and other debris. 



Our fittings offer highly durable, air-testable, watertight performance without glues, epoxies, grout or awkward gaskets. Across the board, customers can count on our fittings to be lightweight and easily installed with no special equipment required. 

Inserta Tee

Inserta Tee® is a high performance, easy-to-install service connection consisting of a PVC hub, rubber sleeve and stainless-steel band. Inserta Tee boasts the broadest line of lateral connections in the world, providing unparalleled performance for all solid wall, profile, closed profile and corrugated pipe manufactured today. 

Nyloplast PVC Fittings

Nyloplast has PVC fittings available for most of the underground piping systems currently available in the North American market. With a 100-year service life meeting ASTM D3212 standards, Nyloplast provides an ideal solution for almost any residential, commercial, storm and sewer application. 

Inlet and Outlet Pipe Screens

ADS offers a variety of pipe screens to eliminate the need for expensive labor costs caused by siltation and debris in drainage systems. Our line of easy-install inlet and outlet pipe screens includes the ADS Sock, Drain Guard®, and Grain Aeration Pipe Screen. 

Outlet Guards

Avoid irrigating and costly plugged drainage systems with the high-performing ADS line of outlet guards, metal rat guards, metal flap gates, flood gates and metal and plastic animal guards. 

Pipe Connectors 

The MAR MAC DP Coupler is designed to transition and join dissimilar pipe types while maintaining efficient drainage flow. These transitional couplers are custom-engineered and readily available for a cost-effective and permanent seal. 

Meter Pits

Durable and easy-to-install, gas and water meter pits from Advanced Drainage Systems deliver the performance needed for all kinds of soils while making meter reading faster and more efficient.

Sumps & Lids

ADS high-density polyethylene sumps and lids provide homeowners with peace of mind, thanks to water-, odor- and radon-tight construction. For installers, ADS sumps wells are strong and durable, yet light in weight to make installation easy.