Inlet and Outlet Pipe Screens, Guards, and Connectors

Have Cleaner Pipes with ADS Pipe Screens, Filter, Wraps, Inlet - Outlet Guards & Dissimilar Pipe Connectors

ADS offers a large variety of products to prevent siltation, debris and animals entering your drainage systems.

Products within this Category:

Pipe Screens

ADS Sock, a machine knitted polyester drain envelope that stretches to fit snugly over the pipe. It has extra toughness and flexibility to withstand unusually rough installation and handling conditions.

Drain Guard®, designed for normal handling conditions, Drain Guard is a spun-bound nylon wrap with a unique bonding process that provide ultra-porous filtration while restraining and stabilizing sandy/silty soils.

ADS supplies metal and plastic end-section guards for your culvert needs.

Pipe Inlet Trash Guards & Pipe Plugs

ADS offers inlet trash guards to keep debris out of your drainage system. Products for orifice style, riser and terrace inlet applications.

ADS offers a unique plastic pipe plug when soil tightness is required.

Pipe Outlet Guards

ADS offers outlet trash guards to keep debris and animals from entering your drainage system outlets; like metal rat guards, metal flap gates, flood gates and metal and plastic animal guards.

For culvert applications, ADS offers metal trash guards for your plastic end sections metal trash guards.

Grain Aeration Pipe Screens

Offering the Grain-Aire® polypropylene screen only or screen wrapped pipe designed for durability with maximum air flow. The screen prevents grain from entering the pipe and from restricting the perforations. Working with the pipe corrugations, the screen enables the air to flow around the entire pipe yielding 30% open area.

Dissimilar Pipe Connectors & Repair Couplers

ADS offers MarMac couplers for applications when connecting dissimilar product to your drainage system; CPE & HDPE to Dual Wall or PVC Pipe or concrete pipe or clay or metal (or combination) pipe products. For repairs, ADS offers internal and external seals.

ADS pipe products are used in many applications as the conveyance pipe. Keeping them clean during construction and after is where ADS Inlet and Outlet Pipe Screens, Guards, and Connectors are there to help:

  • Keep your drainage pipes clear of trash
  • Keep your drainage pipes clear of animals
  • Keep your drainage pipes clear of sediment
  • Connect and Repair Various Pipe Products

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